Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rush the Removal of Taib

Now Taib Mahmud has to insult the intelligence of Sarawakians. How dare he say Sarawakians can only accept and understand change slowly?

The one mother of all changes that Sarawaks want to rush is the removal of Taib Mahmud, Alfred Jabu and George Chan.

So why is Taib calling for slow tempo? To give him and his cronies more time to amass wealth and plunder the land?

1 comment:

simcatfish said...

The reality of politics of S'wakians is at the doorsteps, is only times for the S'wakian to clams back what u all deserve.

Is nice to see all S'wakians can retun to the simple lifes,that is the symbol,pure to the close encounter to Mother Nature.

What's that out of date joker tahi mahmud?