Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sarawak Rivers Hazardous to Humans

As reported in The New Straits Times, Dr. Pengguang Manggil of Sarawak Natural Resources and Environment Board highlighted that several rivers in Sarawak have high bacterial concentration and are hazardous to humans. Such rivers include Sungai Bintangor and Sungai Sekama. The rivers such as Sungai Padungan and Sungai Maong cannot even be used for irrigation.

These rivers are polluted by effluents ands wastes dumped from food outlets, heavy industries, river-plying vessels and households. Rivers such as Sungai Sarawak are polluted with effluents and wastes from agricultural activities, land clearing and mining.

As the Sarawak continues to have Taib Mahmud and Barisan Nasional in power, our land and rivers will continue to be devastated. And we'll continue to destroy what we should preserve for the future generation.

Now is the time to remove Taib Mahmud and Barisan Nasional. We owe that to our future generation.

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