Friday, December 12, 2008

Settling Penans into misery

Remember when natives were resettled for the building of hydro electric dams in Sarawak? What happened later? Did the natives actually thrive and prosper? Or were they introduced into the cycle of the ills associated with modernization - stressful life, debts, poor healthcare and poverty?

How does the Barisan Nasional government think that resettling the Penans would give them better life? Are the Penans not happy and contented with their nomadic lives? Lets not force unto others what we think is good for us. Have a deep understanding of the Penans first. Most important of all, have respect for them.

The Barisan Nasional people are forever thinking that they know better and smarter than others. What does Alfred Jabu know about improving the livelihood of the Penans when he hasn't had any impact on his own people? But then, what can we expect from someone who has been serving as the Chief Photographer for Taib Mahmud. They're forever arrogant creatures.

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