Friday, September 4, 2009

The long road to Sarawak's independence

"A few things I also learned were that, when you want to help our own people to defend or protect our land or rights, you will be demonised, ostracised, branded a traitor to our country, being anti-govt or anti development or tools of foreign NGOs jealous of our country etc. etc in the local newspapers, in the radio and TV by those having vested interests or those who are after our land and resources. Some of our own political leaders who are “apple polishers” will be their local agents to mount all these accusations against you and I. Their strategy is to frightens our own people from supporting our cause so that we are weakened and left alone in our fight to defend and protect our lands and our resources." Harrison Ngau Liang

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Anonymous said...

This is a blueprint for Scottish independence from UK.

Imagine, replace 'Scotland' with 'Sarawak', it makes perfect sense.