Saturday, November 7, 2009

Removing The Weakest Link In The Chain

Dr Jeffrey Kitingan is like a pampered boy who sulks each time he is unhappy with his parents or does not get what he wants from his mother. Like the pampered boy, his self-centered and narrow-minded tendencies makes him the weakest link in any chain of relationship.

Dr Jeffrey quit as PKR vice-president, citing his dissatisfaction over the party’s choice of state liaison chief. Oh really? More likely he resigned because he was not made the state liaison chief. So what if someone else gets to do the job? Sulk and quit? Or has he been paid by UMNO?

“I’m quitting as I’ve lost confidence in the party’s leadership decision-making process in terms of decisions affecting Sabah,” he said. “There appears to be no seriousness on the part of the party leadership in taking the views of Sabah PKR leaders. As such, I see no reason for me to remain in the party,” he added.

Isn't he part of the party leadership? With him leaving, one weak link in the Pakatan Rakyat is removed, thus further strengthening the coalition and PKR.

Here's Dr Jeffrey's legacy - no, he did nothing to save Sabahans from the grips of corrupt UMNO.

• Dr Jeffrey quit as PKR vice-president on Tuesday citing his dissatisfaction over the party’s choice of state liaison chief.

• Quit PBS in 1994 just before the collapse of the PBS-led state government.

• Following his resignation from PBS, joined the Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah, only to leave in less than 24 hours to sign up with the now defunct Parti Akar.

• Following a leadership tussle in Akar, Dr Jeffrey rejoined PBS just before the 1999 Sabah state election and contested, and won under the party’s symbol.

• In 2000, however, he quit PBS to rejoin PBRS but left after less than two years following a leadership tussle there as well.

• He joined PKR after the 2004 general election and was appointed a vice-president.

Wishing Dr Jeffrey greater success in his future party and political career.

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