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You want another dam????

See what the Bakun was "behind the scene".... by Malaysian Observer

The whole 15 Billion Ringgit Bakun dam project (Supposed to produce 2400 Mw) was conceived by corrupt Mahathir to steal the 10 Billion ringgit worth of Timber from the Chief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud who “owns” all the Timber in Sarawak.
The timber from the forest the size of Singapore (otherwise would be extracted by the CM) is now stolen by Mahathir as Bakun is a federal project.

Mahathir asked his favorite crony Ting Pek King to extract the Timber. Ting Pek King Subcontracts the extraction to Hii Chang Pee who underreported the volume extracted thereby ‘cheating’ Ting. Mr.Hii subsequently had a high profile court case with Ting. That is another story. Hee just opened his new "Pullman Hotel", 2 years after Ting's "Four Points Sheration", both in Kuching. Ting is building another Sheraton in Miri, his 2nd hometown, after Bintangor his birthplace.

Now Bakun can provide enough electricity to supply Sarawak’s need 4 times over. Yet Taib Mahmud wants to build another dam Murun,amongst many. WHY?

His brother in law Aziz Hussein runs the company building the dams. His sister's company provides the construction work. Taib’s company CMS is producing the cement! And he also controls and profit from the steel imports!

Now Sarawak electrical company Sesco is now privatized and owned by the CM Taib and his ministers who call it Sarawak Energy Bhd. Taib does not want to buy the electricity from Bakun because of his Timber 10 billion worth was stolen by Mahathir, therefore he wanted to build another 900 M v Murun dam upstream from Bakun costing 5 billion (1/3 the size of Bakun) Now Murun is 10% completed and need more funds which international banks will not lend to Taib’s company Sarawak Energy because it is privately owned by Taib and his cabinet. So Taib now wants to reverse ‘privatize’ the Sarawak Energy company after striping the assets to the government of Sarawak and then obtain loans from foreigners.

So they say Rio Tinto an Australian co is interested to use the Bakun electricity which is not true. Then they say a Chinese co maybe keen. This is a lie as the federal groups now realize Bakun is becoming a white elephant.

Now the 600 mile cable from Bakun to west Malaysia has to pass 70% of the way near few islands owned by Indonesia and only 30% of the way is Malaysia owned. So Indonesia has not given permission and is also not keen on to buy Bakun electricity as it cannot afford. There is not a single company in the world that can make a 600 mile long cable. The electricity loss would be tremendous. (80 %?) And the earth quakes would break the cable. Sabotage and damage due to ships anchors and other passing ships have to be factored in.

I would not be surprised Bakun will produce electricity in few years time but remain a white elephant – much to the credit of the reckless and corrupt PM Mahathir with many stupid ideas and corrupted CM of Sarawak Taib Mahmud who is reputed to be one of the richest men on earth.
"A Malaysian observer

June 12, 2010 5:23 AM


Anonymous said...

So you know what Mahatir is; all those racial ruffling to is stir up sentiments amongst the Malays so that they keep voting BN and he will never be perscuted!!
If he remained an Indian he would never have reached the nation's coffers. This was how he lied and schemed for himself.
Read this and you will know where we are back here!

Anonymous said...

All politics of development is just another lie to deceive the common Sarawak people especially the rural folks.
Mahatir did not fight for the Malays but used them as a tool for his political gain and hence grew to tremendous wealth as Soro had described of him.
See how much he had looted from the Sarawakinas?
His cohort was TPk who also constructed all the airport extensions at exorbitant prices.
Now the Kuching Airport($750 mllion!!!!) runway has cracked! Did JKR mentioned anything???
As long as BN continues to rule with the help of the rural folks, the looting will go on and on.20 years from now the rural folks will still be in loin-cloths as your picture shows!!!!
When will it come to an end?

Anonymous said...

Interesting read:

Anonymous said...

Who are the owners of SEB? cant find in their annual report. Fishy.