Monday, April 18, 2011

BN Continues to Leave Dayaks Behind

Dayaks still backward with no relief in sight

More than 40 years after the NEP, Vision 2020, New Economic Model, ETP and Score the indigenous people of Sarawak still rank the lowest in terms of educational attainment, occupational hierarchy and more than 50 percent of them have either primary or no formal education.

These findings are confirmed by the 1991, 2000 Population & Housing Census and projected figures from the 2009 Labour Force Survey. The percentage share of the Dayaks in the Agriculture sector is growing in Sarawak instead of declining.

This contradicts the Vision 2020's objective that an economic sector should not be dominated by one ethnic group. This shows that there is no upward mobility for the Dayaks. The majority of the Dayaks cannot move up to the more value-added tertiary sector.

Those Dayaks in the tertiary sectors are working as elementary workers. More than 70 percent of these Dayak workers are still expected to be around after 2020 or 2030. How can they be benefited from the jobs generated by Score.

How can Score train extra 1.5 million skilled workers by 2030 when currently less than 1 percent of the enrolment in the secondary schools are in Secondary Technical and Vocational Schools?

All these show that the Dayaks are moving in the direction of economic exclusion and marginalisation. I appeal to the Dayak scholars and academicians to compile the human capital base of Sarawak by ethnicity and to simulate the scenarios by 2030 or 2050 based on the current affirmative action plans formulated by the federal or state government to integrate the Dayaks into the economic system of Malaysia.

The two ethnic groups in Sarawak which are most neglected are the Iban and "other bumiputera". They are so far behind that it takes more than a generation for them to attain educational parity with other ethnic groups.



Hunter C said...

There should be more people like you in Sarawak to help the Dayak as much as possible.You need to help them understand how the system works. Most Sarawakians fear BN-THE Government just like they fear God.
Those live in deep jungle and rural can be easily manipulated by the ruling party. The only way to counter this is we to embed people like you in the rural dayak communities.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Look at this site:
Why are u still im Malaysia??????
Sabah and Sarawak are the richest states in natural resources; yu could be the resichest nation if governed well like Singapore. But are u?

Anonymous said...

You have been cheated and yr race still use loin cloth! How pathetic!
Wake Up!

Anonymous said...

a) Don't cry for you Borneonizationica... You should know where you are in Malaysia.
This country has been condemned with one Indian devil still kicking and ranting to show his presence at age of 89!
I share this story with you and see how evil he has been and they are in the West.
A person who could denounce his root and change his ethnic origin Despite being a medical doctor) is irredeemable.
Who are the pendatangs ? Hang Tuah again

The truth about Malays being Bumiputra in Malaysia cannot be hidden. Read this to find out why.

Who are the pendatangs ?
When Mahathir was told the truth about Hang Tuah he went berserk and ordered the revision of our history to eliminate references to Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat etc. entirely.

For those who can still remember, Mahathir used to praise and idolise Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat in the 80's and the 90's during every one of the Merdeka Celebrations. Then he suddenly stopped mentioning them in the late 90's after he discovered the truth. There was a book written by a British author on the voyages of Admiral Cheng Ho around this region and mention was made that Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat were bodyguards of Hang Li Po!

In fact some of my friends and I were joking that Mahathir was mistaken in assuming that these two warriors were Malays. As we are from Penang our gangster heads are all called Aun Tua which can sound like Hang Tuah, hence we were instinctively sure that they were actually Chinese gangster chiefs who would also be warriors and very skilled in Chinese Martial Arts, hence their positions as bodyguards.

We used to laugh at Mahathir and thought he was quite silly to make such assumptions especially when Hang Li Po was definitely from China and these warriors became local heroes because of their superior fighting skills.

This is one clear revelation of his character, he will cheat, steal, lie, blackmail, character assassinate, pressurise judges etc. to get what he wants. Abuse of power of the office is routine, he has no conscience about changing history, planting evidence or removing evidence as long as it serves his agenda. That is why Malaysian history for now is changed, but time will still conquer all as the truth will eventually rise again like a new dawn and the people will wake up and see him as the crook he is. Eventually he will be relegated to the footnote of history.

Well, if Mahathir can consider himself a true Malay which he isn't as his father roots are from Kerala, India. He had tried very hard to "cleanse" himself from his Indian ancestry and unashamedly remove traces of his links to the Indian sub-continent as many Malaysians were not told or seen his granfather's photographs.Whatever, it is, this mamak is evil and cunning to remove his enemies even to the extent of bashing them uplike Anwar Ibrahim's blue-black eye.

He was instrumental in making laws to "convert" marginals or pseudo-Malays to become Malays by making definition of a Malay as one who professes the Muslim religion, speak the Malay language and follow the customs ( adat ) and the dressing of the Malays. How convenient ! He forgot his medical training that DNA cannot be altered.

I read this article some years back, but it's good to re-read it, and for some of you, you could be reading this the first time. Admiral Cheng He was a Muslim as at that time, the emperor of China was a Muslim. I have a strong feeling that Parameswara converted to Islam when he married princess Hang Li Po. If this is true, then it was the Chinese who converted the Malays to Islam, and not anybody else. It was mentioned that the Javanese were angry with the Chinese for having converted them to Islam centuries ago.

Someone should forward this to Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa. Let that racist know the facts before he utters more stupid unwarranted statements.

Anonymous said...

b)All non-Malays must read this, it's interesting !


The Truth Revealed (with evidence)!

In June 1998, the government of Malaysia hired a team of experts from all over the world to gather in Malaysia for a research project to compliment the history studies that we undertook in our secondary school.

The objective of the research is simply:

1. To find proof and evidence that show the Malays were the origins of
Malaysia and they were the first race and religion that landed in Malaysia

2. To further strengthen their claims, first they needed to find the graveyards of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and others to show the existence of their pioneers.

3. The Batu Bersurat in Terengganu, revealed that the islamic religion landed in Malaysia more than a hundred years ago which further strengthened their claims!

BEWARE & OPEN YOUR EYES !! Go and ask your brother, sister, niece, nephew
etc. Since the year 1999 (if I'm not mistaken) or year 2000, do they study
about HANG TUAH anymore?

Why is that popular subject GONE? Missing in action? or evidence reveals
something else that can sed the government to stop the syllabus and HIDE the TRUTH?

Here is the evidence of the findings by the team of scientists archaeologist, historian and other technical staff from the United States , United Kingdom , Germany , Canada , Yemen & Russia .

The evidence:

1) They finally found the graveyards of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and others, their skeletons had been analyzed and samples of DNA taken with the results showing: Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and mates were NOT MALAY!!! They were CHINESE origins (Islamic) from China !!! Why were they here in Malacca? If you go back in history, you would know that they were on a mission to protect the UNGRATEFUL MALAY Sultanate from the frequent attacks by the Kingdom of SIAM ( Thailand ).

So Hang Tuah was not a Malay hero! They were the protectors
or bodyguards of the useless and ungrateful Parameswara (who was from INDONESIA) who landed in Malacca and claimed that the land belonged to him!

Hang Tuah and friends were all fromChina , they were assigned to the Malacca Sultanate because Parameswara requested for protection from the Ming Dynasty Emperor! Hence, the rich historical heritage of the Babas & Nyonyas was closely linked to the Seven Voyages to the Western Ocean by Admiral Zheng He who incidentally was a Chinese Muslim himself.