Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dust of Independence

After 50 years, the dust of independence hasn't settled. At least, for this main road of Kampong Biawak, Lundu. Commuters on motor vehicles will continue to kick up dust on this road for at least another 10 years, much to the agony and misery of those in the vehicles trailing behind.

While other kampongs in West Malaysia continue to enjoy better and better amenities, This kampong in Sarawak will continue be left behind.

20% oil royalty is a huge gain for Sarawak.


Mr.Crocodile said...

weird eh?we have the money,the resources,and yet,our roads are still in really bad form.

i totally agree with ur complains!

Dust of Development said...

Its a mockery and bullying the rakyat. The stupid idea of the so-called "politics of development".

The bloody politician's misguided way of development where they developed their self-centred agenda.

So, unless and until we change the gov't of the day, poor rakyat like will myself will be coughing the "dust of development".

Mr. Idiot said...

I for one quite if not, very much in agreement with your comment. A statement well put.
Bad, bumpy and narrow road especillay within "kampungs road" so to speak not realizing lorries and big cars frequent the road.
Sadly, poor fellow like myself is still coughing the "dust of development".