Monday, June 30, 2008

From Reprieved to Deprieved

Indeed, there seems to be subtle ethnic cleansing by the Sarawak government, the Barisan Nasional government headed by Taib Mahmud. The ignorance of the natives of their rights and their timidness in standing up for their rights is being continually exploited by the state government. The 70 villages visited by the international fact finding mission recorded claims by the natives of continued and systemic organised aggression on indigenous peoples land and rights with some cases of outright criminal intimidation.

Taib Mahmud has no qualms about violating the human rights of the Sarawak natives as long as he and his cronies get rich.

Look out for and support the coming international petition campaign to support the Sarawak natives struggle to protect their rights over their ancestral land. At the same time, exercise your right and make the change happen NOW! Now is the time to get rid of Taib Mahmud and Barisan Nasional. We owe it to our future generations to make things better.
Taib Mahmud and the state government must respect the native's customary rights as guaranteed under the Sarawak Land Code and cease the issuance of the 60-year provisional leases that is the source of all the land conflicts.

Make the CHANGE NOW or Be Deprieved forever and be cursed by our future generations.
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