Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Borneo Project

In their own words, one Iban Dayak community tells the story of their ten year struggle to protect traditional farms, orchards and primary forest reserves from discrimination and seizure by the Sarawak State government without due process of law or compensation.

The community is appealing that decision in Federal Court, the highest court of Malaysia. The Federal Court must decide what does or does not constitute “sufficient evidence” and “occupation” for native customary land rights claims in Malaysia, especially primary forest reserves used for hunting, gathering, fishing, medicinal plants and rattans. This decision will set an extremely important precedent for hundreds of indigenous communities across the country that are currently fighting for rights to their ancestral lands, especially forests. Learn more on the Borneo Project website.

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Sunam Suwim said...

And what the so-called dayaks ministers and yb (yang bodoh) did?? nothing except to bloody enrich themselves. Fuck them..