Monday, September 8, 2008

Right of The Wealthy To Encroach Into Native Land

The timber and oil palm tycoons continue to indiscriminately grab land that rightly belong to the Sarawak natives. They earn huge amount of wealth from the land.

In times of crisis, such as when fire razes the natives' longhouse, it's the NGOs and church groups who are first responders offering much needed aid and relief. The towkays, timber companies and the political organizations are the last to come with aid. That is, if they ever do.

We all know that the right to encroach into the natives' land is given by the top Sarawak executive.

Life is about choices. The right choices at that. The choice to change the status quo.

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sunam suwim said...

First of the words, fuck those who don't and never respect people's.

To be continued...