Saturday, January 24, 2009

BN Always Insults Our Intelligence

Wasn't it Barisan Nasional that raised the price of fuel at the pump? Then who benefited from the handling of the distribution of the fuel rebate? So clever schemes it seems.

Who pays for the e-books? Certainly it is not Barisan Nasional. So why does BN think that taxpayers are so dumb as to believe that BN is so generous? No, BN does not care. This is one of the stupid ways that Barisan Nasional misleads people into believing that goodies such as e-books and low-cost houses are given by BN. Guess who benefits from the contract to supply the e-books.

PPRT - Projek Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin is a project of giving free houses to the poor. The money that pays for the houses does not belong to Barisan Nasional.

The approach of giving handouts such as free food, cash and houses to the poor does not help the poor in the long run. They continue to be dependent on hand-outs. As long as they vote for BN, they will receive hand-outs. That's BN's strategy for making sure that they get votes.

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