Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rakyat suffers but Taib celebrate

In Bau,Serian and most parts of Sarawak, thousands of ordinary folks braces for the onslaught of the flood and related hardships. Most in the brink of distitute where temperorily evacuation centres were crowded.
General Tan Sri George, as Chairman of the Disaster Relief Committee promised all were set should there be flood or such eventuality. But i saw no personnel from his committee or agencies under his command at the worst hit areas such as major roads and kampongs where assistance were most needed.

Did you know that every time Sarawak got hit by disaster, Taib would either be celebrating or holidaying overseas.The last time Sarawak was hit by haze, Taib was holidaying overseas and this time around when Sarawak got hit by flood, Taib celebrated his wedding anniversary lavishly in an exclusive hotel in Kuching.

One's indulgence and others sufferings...How do we Sarawakian like this?

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Tiyung Dayak said...

Greetings, Angel of Borneo! I just found your blog. Will read it later on. Yup, keep on blogging!

Tiyung Dayak.