Saturday, March 14, 2009

Black Magic Being Used In Batang Ai

In the run-up to the coming Batang Ai by-election, campaigning has taken a supernatural twist with Barisan Nasional leaders warning of dire consequences for breaking longhouses taboo.

Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister, Tan Sri Alfred Jabu and also State Minister for Rural Development and Infrastructure Development and Communications, warned opposition campaigners and native Ibans of “supernatural repercussions” that awaited those who allowed “outsiders” to enter longhouses and villages.

Jabu said that a resident of the longhouse died of mysterious circumstances two days ago after the longhouse folk allowed opposition members to enter their premises to launch a party branch.

“These outsiders do not understand that there are certain sets of rituals that must be strictly adhere to before they can enter the longhouses.

“They must respect these traditional beliefs or else the longhouse folks will suffer from the repercussions,” he said.

Jabu warned longhouse folks not to allow “outsiders” into their premises.

The opposition has accused the Barisan of trying to intimidate the voters ahead of nomination and polling.

Source: The Star Online Saturday, 14-March-2009


Malaysian said...

Plat pokok Demokrasi dirosakkan sekali lagi! kali ini dengan tar!

Tengok! Jangan Tak Tengok!

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Anonymous said...

Bomohs are around now.