Sunday, March 22, 2009

Taib Mahmud's Dynasty Another Splash of Wealth

Jamilah Taib, daughter of Taib Mahmud (Chief Minister of Sarawak) and her husband, Sean Murray own the 2nd most most expensive private residences in Ottawa, Canada.

The couple's house at 688 Manor Ave. in Rockcliffe Park, worth $9,609,000, equivalent to RM28,331,251.00. Read more here.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Stumbled across your blog recently. Just want to say a big thank you for making known to the world what this scum bag chief minister of sarwak is all about.

As a sarawkian I feel so fustrated that this guy and his family are getting away with daylight robbery while so many struggle.

Keep up the good work.


peoplepower said...

To the people of Sarawak,Sabah and the people of Malaysia,

I truly do not understand, since ALL knows about what is going on, what is stopping the people to stage a MEGA demonstration to overthrow the government! Since, im sure they are rigging the polls and there's no other legal means, lets do it by force!

Btw, keep up the pressure!. Good work!

Anonymous said...

my goodness, you are one gorgeous angel...& smart too..

Anonymous said...

To all Sarawakians, please do your bit to overthrow this big thief in the coming election and ensure that the next state government (PAKATAN RAKYAT) will take back the stolen money from this CROOK and return to the people of Sarawak.