Friday, April 3, 2009

BN Admits To Keeping Sarawak Lagging Behind

As reported by Bernama on April 2, Barisan Nasional admits that Sarawak lags behind in socio-economic development.

Bernama reported that PRS Information Chief Datuk Joseph Salang, who is Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister, said Dayak voters would be unwittingly doing the state a disfavour they elect PKR.

"We may have to give up on our immigration autonomy. This will open the floodgates for professionals from the peninsula to zero in on the employment and business opportunities in the state.

"I am not against them but they are already more prepared in comparison. We still lag behind them in certain fields," he said.

So how is it that we still lag behind despite our vast natural resources? Yeah, how is it that after nearly 30 years of Taib Mahmud's rule, we still lag behind? How is it that many highly skilled Sarawakian professionals continue to work in other countries because they can't find challenging jobs in their own state?

Yes, certainly Barisan Nasional and Taib Mahmud has ensured that Sarawak continues to lag behind. Perhaps because BN does not want clever people around so that Taib Mahmud can continue to plunder Sarawak's wealth and no one will be clever enough to question his evil doings.


Anonymous said...


well how can you expect the rest of the people develop when these handful of greeds are the ones hoggin for titles, positions and in the meantime filling up their pockets with money WITHOUT showing concern for the people.

They did show concern alright only during election time just so they can take advantage and abuse the trust and loyalty people gave them.

unmo's motto :

get rich first by screwing the people.

then get richer by screwing them harder.

then pass it on to relatives so they can continue screwing the people.


Anonymous said...

Even if PR win, we must retain our immigration privilege.

Anonymous said...

Catholic church built in 1926, ordered to vacate land...