Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Former Julau MP and PRS supremo Datuk Sng Chee Hua three para statements in today's STAR page 10....denied that he has been working against the BN in Btg Ai by election.
He even added that he is a BN man and believe the BN will deliver the seat.

And in what could be a last minute ditch to save their political platform, a group of SNAP CEC members led by Ting Ling Kiew met Dpm Dato Seri Najib in Putra Jaya at 11.30 am yesterday to declare their support for BN in Btg Ai... claiming that majority of the 16 member CEC members were with them.

As i see it...... both are die hard gamblers, opportunist and political brokers.

A) Datuk Sng Chee Hua lobbied and bet to get Jawah Gerang as candidate for Btg Ai and succeeded in convincing Dato Anwar on ground that he will take care of Jawah's campaign needs from finance to manpower and to logistic. Of course there was also this four points criterias and indicators such as personality, popularity, political maturity and financial independency of which jawah had it all as opposed to NB.
He may have won his bet!
Then come the big bet on who he wants to win.... who would he bet for?
What was he doing in De Palma hotel and Quality hotel in K.L, Grand Continental hotel in Kuching and in restaurants here and there whereever Dato Anwar is around?
Is money such a powerful leverage in any political party nowadays?

B) Ting Ling Kiew.... spoke at length with my friend of his desires and lusts to topple the president of SNAP claiming he had the backing of an individual connected to pehin seri and that individual would pump in Rm30 million, if he becomes president. As the new president he would then bargain for 16 state seats within PR.
This discussion was held at Park Royal hotel in K.L sometime in december last year where he checked in as a Datuk and accorded a datuk's treatment.

Remenber the "dalang" in the fall of the PBS govt in 1994 and the eventual deregistration of PBDS and the near deregistration of PRS.

How much would Sng make from the betting and Ting must have gotten from Najib for their act as political brokers.... lets all guess

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